Multiple branded mobile apps.
Easy to setup, Easy to scale.

Need multiple branded mobile apps? Appbox delivers the easiest platform to set-up, deploy and manage all your apps.

  • Have your own app store within the App Store.

  • Easily brand and personalize every app.

  • A platform built for connectivity.

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As a business you face many challenges

Sometimes one app is not enough!
You need it branded in multiple styles or you need a different set up per situation
The Appbox platform is the solution for you!

“Our locations have different activities. Still, we wanted 1 app that we could communicate widely, containing everything. This has been achieved with our Appbox App.

We can manage some parts centrally and other parts of the app decentrally.

The content is also linked to our websites so that we can manage everything through 1 channel.”

Marscha Wijsman, Rotterdam Zwemt.

The main advantages of using the Appbox

All your apps in one native app

With the Appbox platform you have your own native app in the stores. Within this app you can deploy an unlimited number of unique apps.

Unique set-up and design

Each app can have its own design and even their own icon on the phone. Each app can be build based on a template of functionality or can be put together based on the individual demands.

Based on standard building blocks

Appbox has a large library of standardized building blocks forms and messaging options you can choose from.

Easy to manage

Appbox offers you a very easy to use CMS and manages all the appstore updates for you, so your apps are always up to date.

Appbox is used in many situations

Every organization has its own Quality & Safety app

KAM Consultants wanted to develop its own branded app for Quality & Safety for its customers in which processes, knowledge and mobile forms are available.

This has been resolved in the own KAM Quality App.

Healthcare institution with its own app per healthcare location

A healthcare institution has several locations. There must be an app for each location to communicate with clients and family.

There is now one Appbox in which all apps are managed.

Corporate organization wants to easily manage multiple apps

A larger organization has several different apps for staff communication, that is easy to manage and not cause hassle in the app stores.

This is now well arranged with the Appbox solution.

Each building has its own app for a real estate company

A real estate company manages a large number of buildings. Per building they want to offer an app to communicate with residents, share documents and coordinate VVE matters. Each in its own design.

Solved with the Appbox platform.

Multiple swimming accommodations with their own app

The municipality of Rotterdam wanted one app with multiple accommodations and one appearance. But the accommodations had different activities and wishes for the apps.

This has been resolved within the Rotterdam Zwemt App.

School foundation wants its own app for each school

A school foundation wants its own app for each school to communicate with parents. Presented as a whole, but in such a way that each school retains its own image.

This has been solved with the Appbox platform.

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How it works

We take care of all the heavy lifting and backend services. So you can stay focused on what matters most, your client and your business.

The Appbox team is ready to create your app with you!

Our developers and designers will work one-on-one with you to take your app from idea to reality.

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