Easily set-up, deploy and manage your customer mobilemulti-brandedfutureproof apps.

As a software company you want a mobile app platform that supports your client apps without hassle.

  • Have your own app store within the App Store.

  • A platform built for API connectivity.
  • Easily brand and personalize every app for your clients.
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Software companies face many challenges
with their mobile app solutions.

A growing demand for flexible and function rich branded apps from your customers.
Mobile technology and app store regulations are becoming more and more complex. How do you keep up and keep the right focus?
You have a choice! Do it yourself or use the Appbox platform.

Appbox is the solution to your needs

The Appbox platform is built for fast and reliable mobile app deployment

The Appbox container application functions as a central deployment store within the Apple or Google store from which all your clients branded mobile apps can be managed.

All your apps in one native app

With the Appbox platform you have your own native app in the stores. Within this app you can deploy an unlimited number of unique apps.

Easy to manage

Appbox offers you a very easy to use CMS and manages all the appstore updates for you, so your apps are always up to date.

Based on standard building blocks

Appbox has a large library of standardized building blocks forms and messaging options you can choose from.

Unique set-up and design

Each app can have its own design and even their own icon on the phone. Each app can be build based on a template of functionality or can be put together based on the individual demands.

We see Appbox being used in many situations

Reservation app for trampoline parks

An accounting and reservation system for trampoline parks wanted to offer its customers its own app for visitors. In your own brand style but linked to your own reservation system.

This is easily arranged with Appbox.

Parent app for primary schools

A large student tracking system already has an app that schools use to communicate with parents. People now want to continue developing quickly, while still keeping the focus on their own product and staying ahead of the competition.

Therefore developed an app with Appbox.

App for every municipality

A software company for municipalities wants to supply apps linked to their back office system in the house style of the municipality, but does not have the knowledge for this.

This can be solved together with Appbox.

App for insurance brokers

A supplier for policy administration systems has an app that allows consumers to view policies and report damage to insurance intermediaries.

This app has been outdated and the supplier has insufficient knowledge for the next version.

Customer succes stories

Appbox connects with the tools you love

Appbox easily connects with your back-office, API’s and databases.

Appbox is also available as a whitelabel solution

We have license options for Software companies that prefer using the Appbox as whitelabel solution.

Looking for a single native mobile app solution?

However big or small your need, we’ll build you a beautiful mobile app that’s tailored specifically to your business needs.

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The Appbox onboarding and support team

Dedicated support

Based on your wishes we instantly compose your app with the Appbox platform.

We’ll handle publishing the Apps

When your Appbox app is ready, we’ll publish it through the App stores.

Dedicated white label support

We know your business depends on us and we dont take that lightly. With priority White Label support, we’re there to help when you need it by phone or email.

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